Level Designer

Do you want to be a part of this amazing journey?

The Trailmix team is small, highly motivated and entrepreneurial. We work collaboratively and effectively. We iterate fast and everyone contributes to solving problems and making high quality mobile games. Our office is based in Camden Town, one of the most exciting parts of Central London. Given the current situation, we are mostly working from home, but the office is open on a part time, opt-in basis.

As a level designer, your primary task will be to produce high-quality, engaging and varied levels to keep players engaged and delighted for years to come. To achieve this, you will be:

  • Liaising closely with game designers, developers and artists to conceive, prototype and validate new level features and behaviours
  • Responsible for the long-term planning of level production and deployment, ensuring it’s synced up with other layers of the game
  • Responsible for continually assessing data and re-balancing / improving levels for an optimal user experience.

In order to excel in this role the following skills and experiences are essential:

  • Experience creating and balancing levels for a live F2P casual mobile game
  • An ability to create exceptional content for a target audience. This means being able to set yourself aside when necessary, aiming for a level of challenge and delight that’s appropriate to our players
  • Ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data to identify problems in the level flow and make the necessary improvements
  • Able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the casual mobile market
  • Can work rapidly and independently to produce high quality work within strict timeframes
  • Curiosity and initiative that leads to constantly improving processes and the game as a whole

Some nice bonus skills include:

  • A background of self-motivated content creation beyond any workplace requirements
  • Experience working in Unity
  • Hundreds of casual levels completed across multiple titles
  • F2P casual mobile game experience through all stages of development (from conception to live production)
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