Candidate Privacy Policy  
Last updated on 21th of May 2021



At Trailmix, we are committed to respecting your privacy. This policy is intended to be a  transparent explanation of the use and processing of the personal and if applicable non personal data of current, prospective or past candidates, employees, workers and  consultants. We’ve broken this policy down into four sections:  

1. What data we collect from you 

2. Why we collect it 

3. The procedures in place to protect your data and rights 

4. About us & how to contact us 

It is important to read and understand this policy together with any other privacy policy  relating to other specific circumstances and uses. 

This policy does not form part of any contract for services or any other contract such as  that of employment and may be amended from time to time.  


When you apply for a role at Trailmix, during the application process and during your  prospective employment or contract for services we collect personal data from you. The  main reasons we do this in order to assist us in our recruitment process and hiring  practices, business analysis and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.  

The data that we collect may include: 

  1. 1.1    Title and full name 
  2. 1.2   Date of Birth 
  3. 1.3   Contact details such as home address, email and telephone number - Home address 
  4. 1.4   Nationality 
  5. 1.5   Gender
  6. 1.6   Immigration and visa status 
  7. 1.7   Immigration and visa status 
  8. 1.8   Payment details 
  9. 1.9   Right to work documentation including copies of passport or ID card 
  10. 1.10   Any other information you provide through the freeform component of your  application such as cover letter and C.V
  11. 1.11   Information provided by you regarding your References and the subsequent  information your References provide about you 
  12. 1.12   Information provided to us from third parties, such as recruitment agencies or fraud  prevention agencies.  
  13. 1.13   Publicly available information gathered through recruitment and social media sites  such as LinkedIn 
  14. 1.14   Data stored through the interview process. Such as CCTV for building access  controls for our studio

This list is intended to be as comprehensive as possible but is not exhaustive and may be  updated from time to time. 


2.1.   The information collected during the application process, the course of your employment or  contract for services (whether obtained directly from you or from third parties) may be used  by us for the following purposes: 

  • a.   To determine your suitability for employment or contracting services 
  • b.   To communicate with you during and after your application in relation to the role and  services provided 
  • c.   To contact you should a future opportunity for employment or contract for services  arise 
  • d.   To contact your references or background checks where applicable - To conduct right to work checks  
  • e.   To carry out our legal and regulatory obligations as an employer 
  • f.    To monitor and manage our business, staff and studio for HR, administrative and  safety purposes
  • g.    To maintain business analysis activities 
  • h.    To bestow benefits in connection with your employment or contract for services 
  • k.    To ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and for other legal  purposes

2.2.   In specific cases where sensitive personal data is provided, such as that relating to sexual  orientation, racial or ethnic origin, political affiliation, health or disability, the use cases are  further restricted. These include: 

  • a.   To ensure we are not prejudicial or discriminatory in our recruitment and hiring  practices 
  • b.   To ensure we are an equal opportunity employer 
  • c.   To make any adjustments necessary to accommodate candidates with disabilities or  health concerns 
  • d.   To meet any obligations imposed on us by law 

2.3.   In specific cases where personal data relating to criminal convictions & offences is provided  use cases include: 

  • a.   To prevent or report an offense or unlawful act 
  • b.   To comply with or in connection with any current or prospective legal proceedings - To obtain legal advice 
  • c.   To meet any obligations imposed on us by law 


Trailmix maintains a strict set of procedures to protect your data and rights and in order to  meet our regulatory and legal obligations. 

Any personal data collected by Trailmix is primarily stored and maintained in electronic  format in electronic systems and databases and is only accessible by authorised personnel.  On occasion we may also store your personal data in hard copy, for example right to work  check documentation. 

Industry standard technical and organisational safeguards such as encryption and access  controls have been implemented to protect your personal data both online and offline from  unauthorised use, manipulation or loss. We will only transfer personal data to a third party if 

there is a legitimate reason for doing so and it agrees to comply with those procedures and  policies, or if it puts in place adequate measures itself. 

Personal data stored on electronic systems and databases may be located outside of the  European Economic Area (“EEA”). Trailmix is committed to taking steps to ensure that  personal data transferred outside of the EEA still has all the appropriate safeguards and  protections afforded.  

Trailmix acknowledges that, as with any safeguard or security measure, it cannot guarantee  the total security of information & data. In the unlikely event of a data breach or suspected  data breach, Trailmix have put in place procedures and will notify you and any applicable  regulator of a breach where required to do so. 

Personal data will not be held for longer than there is a legitimate case for doing so.  Personal data collected from unsuccessful candidates or speculative hires will be held for 3  years after the recruitment process or services provided to the company has has  concluded.  

You have the following rights if you have provided us with your personal data: 

  • 3.1.   The right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data (set out  in this policy) 
  • 3.2.   The right to be informed about the purposes for processing and collection of your  personal data and how long it is stored for (set out in this policy) 
  • 3.3.   The right to make a ‘subject access request’. This means to access and obtain  copies of the personal data (as defined in section 1) we hold about you 
  • 3.4.   The right to data portability. This means to obtain and reuse your personal data for  your own purposes or to transmit said data to another data controller 
  • 3.5.   The right to rectify or complete personal data collected which you believe to be  inaccurate or incomplete 
  • 3.6.   The right to erase your personal data 
  • 3.7.   The right to restrict processing. This means the ways in which we process and use your personal data 
  • 3.8.   The right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data  

Please note that these rights are not exhaustive or absolute and we may be required by  applicable data protection laws to amend or refuse requests in specific circumstances or  where exceptions apply.

Unless in contradiction to any applicable data protection laws, there is no charge for  exercising your legal rights above or rights under any applicable data protection laws.  However, in situations where requests are determined to be unfounded, excessive,  deliberately repetitive or malicious in nature we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee  (subject to any limits imposed by applicable law) taking into account the administrative  costs of providing the information or alternatively refuse to act on the request. 

In addition to the above, if we have reasonable doubts concerning the identity of the  person in relation to the personal data requested, we may require additional information to confirm your identity and protect personal data collected from unauthorised access. 


We are Trailmix Ltd (incorporated and registered in England and Wales) with company  number 11032446) of Third Floor, 20 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7AN, United Kingdom as  well as the Trailmix group of companies (“Trailmix”). 

Trailmix is committed to taking all reasonable steps to try to ensure that your personal  information is kept accurate and up to date. However, we request that in order to ensure  accuracy and timely communication that that you notify Trailmix of any changes to your  personal information without undue delay. 

The Trailmix group is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under  registration number ZA559819 

If you wish to contact us at any time with questions in relation to the use of your personal  data provided to us or if you would like to exercise any of your legal rights under applicable  data protection laws, you can reach us at: 

Data Protection Officer 
Trailmix Ltd Third Floor,  
20 Old Bailey,  

By email: 

This policy was last updated: March 2021

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