We believe in small teams and creating games that can have a positive impact on people's lives.

Open Positions

Be part of something special - join Trailmix on our amazing journey!

Our focus has always been to hire the best people into our studio - for us, the best does not necessarily mean that you have to have a certain amount of years in the industry or have to be well connected. We hire those who have the biggest potential and show passion and ambition.

A role with Trailmix means you’ll be part of an ambitious, creative team who truly respect and learn from each other.

Trailmix is founded on the belief that only a diverse team can make games that speak to millions of people. If you are not sure you ‘fit’ or if you have reservations about working in the games industry please still reach out and talk to us — we want to get to know you and are always interested in hearing people’s stories.

Perks and Benefits

I loved working with the founders in previous employment, and really wanted to get back to a small company where I was hands on coding again, growing the role with the company.

- Richard

The core values of the company are inspiring, which helps create a space perfect for creativity, communication and fun.

- Matt

When I was finding out more about Tralimix, the thing that really made me go 'oh wow I really want to work here' was the way that everyone talked about each other - it was obvious that everyone had a lot of respect for each other and what they were making together.

- Bex

The games we make are fun, but it’s all about the people I work with. The first and most important reason to start Trailmix was to assemble a group of amazing, talented and decent people who we would actually want to go on this journey with.

- Tristan

I love working with a bunch of very talented people with many different specialities. Although small, we also have a very large percentage of queer people working here, a refreshing change from being the only gay in the village!

- Hollie

Being in a really small team means that everyone wears a lot of hats and we all work very closely together, so you get to learn quite a lot about everyone's area of expertise.

- Alice

Work with amazing people

Make games for everyone

Newest tech equipment and beautiful work space

28 days of holiday

Private Health Insurance

Employee Share Option Plan

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