Our Story

The Trailmix adventure began in 2017, as we set out on a quest to combine great storytelling with the best in free-to-play mobile gaming. We’re now poised for global success with our brand new game, Love & Pies.

We founded Trailmix out of the belief that mobile games can have a positive impact on people's lives.

Our mission is to foster a culture of trust, respect and creativity which allows us to make beautiful long lasting games that can be played by everyone.

We partnered with Supercell, as their values and focus on allowing small teams to achieve great things are aligned with ours. We at Trailmix are very proud to be part of their family of great investee companies.

Our team values are reflected in our first game, Love & Pies, which features a loveable cast of diverse characters, and storylines and romances that we hope all of our players, and all our team, can identify with.

Trailmix is based near to Kings Cross station within the vibrant and creative Tileyard Studios campus.

December 2017

Founding of Trailmix

Introductions first: we’re Caro and Tristan, two London-based mobile gaming veterans with a combined 20 years of experience in the industry. In 2012 we helped to set up King’s London studio and created the hit puzzle game Farm Heroes Saga — one of the first major free-to-play puzzle games to land on mobile phones.

Fast forward five years. Hundreds of millions of people are playing games on their mobile phones every day. Games are an integral part of commutes, sofa time and bathroom breaks for many who would never call themselves gamers. Despite this, there are still so many people who don’t play — they might really get into a TV show, or a book series, but would never assume they can find the same richness and depth in mobile games.

We founded Trailmix in December 2017 to change that. Our mission is to make experiences with that richness and depth, while remaining accessible, long-lasting and built to fit into your daily life. We’re combining great storytelling with the best in free-to-play mobile.

Another major motivation was to create an environment in which talented creatives push each other to new heights and create things they never thought possible. What makes the gaming industry great are the fantastic people you meet along the way. At Trailmix, we’ll give them the space to create, learn and flourish.

February 2018

Raising our Seed Round

We raised a seed round of $4.2 million from Supercell and we couldn’t be happier to have them as our investors — not only are they hyper successful, they’re also well known for their integrity and amazing work culture that is based on trusting their teams. They fully understand and support our vision, and have the knowledge and experience to be a great partner and advisor on our journey. We’re in this for the long haul, to nurture and safeguard the Trailmix team for many years to come — and Supercell are right there with us.

This investment means we can focus on the important things — bringing great people together, making amazing games and having a lot of fun in the process.

May 2018

It's five of Us now!

Our former teammates Sean, Neo and Jakub joined Trailmix, and we clearly couldn't hide our excitement to be working together again.

October 2018

New Home

After months of working from a lovely co-working space above Camden Market, we finally moved to our new home - closer to Camden Town tube and a bit further away from the tourists.

December 2018

Fairytale Castle

Our first team trip brought us to snowy Germany to explore the Christmas Markets and Neuschwanstein Castle. It can't get any cosier than that.

January 2019

Growing Team

We grew to a team of eleven awesome Trailmixers! Too many to fit in one selfie...

August 2019

Pirate Ship

How to top an international trip to a fairytale castle? Dressing up as pirates and spending a day on a historic barge going up and down the Thames!  

December 2019

Great Bake-OFF

The team faced it's greatest challenge yet - a Christmas Yule log bake-off (followed by days of cake eating)!

March 2020

Remote working

We may not have been in the office together but that didn't keep us from wearing our Trailmix hoodies and having fun.

September 2021

It’s Time For Some Delicious Drama With Our New Game Love & Pies

Today we launched our mobile game Love & Pies. We couldn't be more excited to show the world what we've been working on. Every single person at Trailmix has poured their heart into Love & Pies, and there’s a little piece of each amazing team member in the final game. It represents the people we are, the people we love, and the things that make us smile.

October 2021

A New Home for Trailmix

As Love & Pies grows, so does the Trailmix team - and a bigger team means more office space is needed! 

We wanted to be somewhere energetic and creative, with plenty to do nearby and lots of room to grow. Luckily we found the perfect new home at Tileyard London, near Kings Cross. Tileyard is a creative hub, home to bespoke studio spaces that house a vibrant community of businesses and artists.

With musicians like Noel Gallagher, Ashnikko, David Guetta and Sam Ryder recording here, you never know the artist you'll see wandering around!

Find out more about our move to Tileyard London.

May 2022

Supercell Acquires Majority Stake in Trailmix

We are delighted to announce that Supercell is now a majority owner in Trailmix

Supercell, as our seed investor, has been on a journey with us for years and we’ve built up a strong relationship in that time. We couldn’t think of a better partner to help us achieve great new heights with Love & Pies and beyond. Supercell has committed $60 million in financing, allowing Trailmix to grow while continuing to operate autonomously and independently.

Supercell is one of the biggest mobile games companies in the world, developing the likes of Clash of Clans and Hay Day, and spearheading investment in some of the best studio talent - like us!

(link https://medium.com/trailmix/trailmix-supercell-a8a9c3179b7 )

September 2022

Love & Pies Turns One Year Old!

Happy birthday to Love & Pies, which has just turned one year old! 

Trailmix had a deliciously exciting first year with Love & Pies. We launched regular events like Edwina’s Cash Dash and Yuka’s Date Dash, and welcomed Appleton's Mayor Mei in our first story-driven Season Pass. That’s not to mention dozens of fun new game days, unique characters and exclusive events that we’ve created over the last twelve months!

We’re so proud of the love and care our extraordinary team put into making the game what it is. We also want to thank our amazing players who made this possible for us. You all deserve pies! (And love <3)

August 2023

Google’s Choice at the Green Game Jam Awards

2023 marked the first time Trailmix took part in the Green Game Jam. 

The Green Game Jam initiative from Playing for the Planet engages global gaming audiences to tackle environmental challenges. As advocating for environmental change has been part of Trailmix’s DNA from the beginning, we loved bringing this event to our players. 

In our "Toads in Trouble" event, we told a story about the endangered harlequin toad and raised donations to preserve its natural habitat, while teaching players about small but impactful changes they can make. 

We were honoured to receive the Green Game Jam “Google’s Choice” Award for our effort of love! The beautiful (100% recycled) trophy sits proudly in our London office.

September 2023

Two Sweet Years of Love & Pies: Let the BakeOut Bash Begin!

In September, Trailmix turned up the heat and celebrated the second anniversary of Love & Pies! 

For our second birthday party we decided to do something extra special for our team and players - by turning our in-game cakes and pies into REAL mouthwatering delights. We challenged our players to whip up their own creations, and then threw our team into the mix, tasking them to bring our game cakes to life without any recipes.

Get ready for delightful chaos, and watch the BakeOut Birthday Bash here!

September 2023

Best Places to Work Award 2023!

We won the Best Places to Work in the Games Industry 2023 at this years GamesIndustry.Biz awards ceremony! This is an amazing achievement for the team here at Trailmix and we are so very proud of everyone for receiving this award. Well done everyone and congratulations to the other winners.

October 2023

Trailmix Berlin!

We are delighted to announce that Annelie Biernat and Christopher Parschat have joined us and launched a new Trailmix studio in Berlin.

Annelie and Christopher are gaming industry veterans who both worked at Wooga for over 10 years. They have gained incredible experience in building unique casual mobile games that players love, and they now bring that passion and knowledge to Trailmix.

Having a second studio allows us to explore even more ways to delight our players and create new mobile games, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Trailmix Berlin!

Learn all about Annelie and Christopher, as well as the new Trailmix Berlin office.

November 2023

Best Puzzle Game at The TIGA Games Industry Awards 2023

Exciting news! Love & Pies, developed by Trailmix, has clinched the coveted title of Best Puzzle Game at the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2023

Members of the Trailmix team from various disciplines were there to celebrate on the night, and proudly accepted the award on stage. The entire team is thrilled by this recognition, and it fuels our passion to continue delivering exceptional games for everyone. 

Thank you to TIGA and all our players for making this moment possible!

March 2024

Trailmix Named a Tech Nation “Future Fifty” Company

Trailmix was named one of Tech Nation’s ‘Future Fifty’ companies. This prestigious program supports the UK’s most promising start-ups and aims to provide the resources and opportunities required to scale a business to unicorn status. Our COO James represented Trailmix at the kick-off event at 10 Downing Street.

April 2024

Trailaway 2024

Twice a year, we gather the entire company for our wonderful Trailaway. Trailaways provide us the opportunity to step out of the office and connect more deeply with our purpose, our strategy, and - most importantly - with each other. Plus, we have a lot of fun. Have you ever seen a mob of game developers supporting the finalists of a rock, paper, scissors battle royale? It’s wild!

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